Wurth DRYLUBE Adhesive lubricant HHS 100 – 400 ML


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Shear-proof dry synthetic wax with PTFE

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Shear-proof dry synthetic wax with PTFE

Dry synthetic wax

  • Lubricant does not shear on fast-rotating and rotating parts
  • Low adhesion of dust
  • Excellent corrosion protection

Outstanding creep and gap penetration characteristics

  • Lubricates hard-to-reach areas
  • Penetrates even the smallest gaps
  • Protects against “sagging”

Contains PTFE solid lubricant

Good emergency running property and temperature resistance.

Excellent material compatibility

  • Protects and maintains O-rings and X-rings
  • Compatible with plastic
  • Neutral behaviour with painted surfaces

Resistant to spray water and salt water, weak acids and bases

Free from silicone, resin and acids


This product is not subject to the viscosity classification. Shortly after being sprayed on, the product forms a highly effective, wax-based dry lubricating film, thereby ensuring optimum corrosion protection.

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