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How to choose and buy a helmet online?

Want to buy a helmet? Want a stylish one as well as a secure one? Well, there are wide varieties of helmets you can choose. Everyone gets excited to buy a helmet with graphics and color. However, there are far more important aspects while buying a new motorcycle helmet than those.

Most of the riders choose helmet which are comfortable in sunlight and night time. How good are the padding and liners, their visors, and overall air ventilation? Choosing helmets that are certified and well tested for keeping the rider’s skull safe as well as enduring all the impact minimizing the risk of injuries.

On the off chance that your cap is excessively enormous, it will move around and here and there on your head. It tends to be boisterous(noisy). To top it all off, it might fall off in an accident. So, large size helmet is generally pointless.

The rider has to choose a helmet with certification for DOT/ ECE/ Snell or SHARP certification with an above 4-star rating. These certified helmets are safer than just ISI certification standards. The expensive helmets provide safety & they also fit the rider’s head perfectly than most of the mid-range helmets. Some of the helmets you will find perfect & comfortable.






While buying a helmet Choose among these certifications-

  • DOT- USA standard
  • ECE22.05- European
  • CNS-Taiwan
  • IS4151- INDIA
  • NBR-Brazilian
  • SG or JIS- Japan
  • KS G 7001- Korea
  • TIS- Thailand
  • Snell- USA
  • BSI- UK

The rider should also consider the type of helmet he wants to buy. Because, motorcycle helmets are available in different types which are made to fulfill a specific purpose.

Fullface Helmet black color

The rider can choose among–

  • Full-face helmet: Full-face helmet gives you security in any event, when you are riding your cruiser fast. The helmet fits cozily on your head and is agreeable to wear for extended periods. However, the full-face helmet get planned with the end goal that they are light in weight that doesn’t let the wearer feel awkward because of the additional weight. 
  • Half-face helmet: Half helmet is more secure than none by any stretch of the imagination; it doesn’t offer the kind of assurance given by a full-face helmet. Half-face helmets just shield riders from genuine bike crashes. Furthermore, riders aren’t shielded from residue, smoke, or some other flying articles as they ride.
  • Off-Road helmet: A off-road or likewise usually known as a motocross helmet is given an extended jawline and visor divides, some open space on the face to give the rider additional security while wearing goggles permitting an unhindered progression of air during the actual fatigue brought about by such riding.
  • Modular helmet: By secluded bike helmets, we mean those helmets that come as a combination of full-face and open-face. Modular helmets are regularly utilized for road rides. A measured head protector can likewise be known as a flip-up, flip-face, or convertible helmet. Then, when they become full mixtures, measured helmet investigate full-face helmet.

Bike and rider with camo full face helmet


Ventilation is a very important aspect while choosing any helmet in a country like India. So, unless the rider doesn’t want to get soaked in sweat or get cooked inside the helmet in summer. The rider has to pay attention to the air ventilation system in the helmet.

There are no norms for vent shapes or sizes. So every producer goes with their own plan and places in vents that look great and are compelling. Adequacy of these vents changes with their area (where they are set on ahead protector), shape, and size and there is no simple way (shy of testing in air stream) to ascertain that. The capacity to close the vents (during downpours/winter) is a need.

Adequacy of ventilation can be seen simply subsequent to riding for 30 minutes or thereabouts. Since this truly is unimaginable, utilize a dependable guideline – “More the vents, better the ventilation”

full face helmet air vents


We as a whole have a companion who gripes about his noisy helmet. Commotion or noise is one of the main viewpoints that initiate weakness in a rider. 

Again for seeing whether there are bunches of commotion inside a helmet. The rider needs to ride it at fairly high speeds in various breeze conditions. A few elements like state of protective helmet shell, vents, course of wind, speed of riding, regardless of whether riding a completely faired or bare cruiser, and so on. However, become an integral factor for commotion/ noise level inside the head protector. 

Again this won’t be conceivable prior to buying the helmet. So, utilize a thumb rule “all taking everything into account, ahead protector with jawline shade will be less loud than a cap without it”. 

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Bell helmet

Inside Padding:

The liners/cushioning inside the head protector is the thing that really characterizes how well the helmet fits the rider’s head. Like we previously talked about over, one shell size is utilized for different head sizes. First thing you need to guarantee that there are no weight focuses/problem areas subsequent to wearing the cap. Give close consideration to sanctuary, brow, cheeks. 

For climate conditions like India, you need to see that the liners are dampness engrossing and simple to eliminate/refit for cleaning. Else, you would wind up with a malodorous cap.

Full face helmet with googles inside

Straps and attachment:

The first thing you need to check is whether the jawline lashes have adequately delicate and thick cushioning beneath them. So once the jawline lashes are joined, your neck won’t be disturbed by consistent scouring of the ties. 

Something else to search for is the “snare and circle” framework for the additional bit of jawline tie that is generally left hanging after the protective cap is made sure about. You won’t care for continually vacillating ties while riding.

The helmet should have stickers for reflection. Because, it will reflect by any small amount of light and the rider will be noticed on dark roads.

Visors & its Visibility:

The first thing you need to check in a protective cap is a field of view for example the amount you can see in the wake of wearing the protective helmet. Most sports bike riders need a more extensive field of vision essentially due to their hunched riding position. More the vision, the better it is. There is a variety of color shades in the visor. However, the rider can choose as per his preference (Clear Visor, Smoke/Dark Visor, Iridium Visor).

Half face helmet black matt

Bluetooth helmet:

Bluetooth helmets are a decent choice for riders who need a route for significant distance excursions or travel in new places. Since, they offer methods for GPS routes just as correspondences. A distant memory is the times of pulling over on a bustling thruway to pore over a paper map. Presently, you don’t need to back off or remove your protective cap.

The drivers and riders who use hands-off gadgets are less inclined to get into an accident than the individuals who utilize manual ones. Since the capacity of Bluetooth innovation is just extending and it is in reverse viable by plan, there has never been a superior chance to put resources into Bluetooth helmet if the update is in your value range.

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