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Helmets (Motocross Helmets, Racing Helmets, Commuting Helmets) are the most important & most valuable thing we riders buy because they save our lives, they protect us when we are enjoying the spine-tingling thrill with our motorcycles. They are just like our guardians. Shopping for helmets can be a confusing task, especially when you step into the shop and see multiple options and magnificent designs on the showcase. At that moment, your mind starts thinking; “How can I make the right choice for something I am going to use on my delightful motorcycle? And precisely what should I consider before buying one?”

You should start with “what kind of a rider you are?”
You wish to go on long tours & feel the freedom of the valleys and mountains with your motorcycle or you want to go flat out on the race track, tucked in with the throttle pinned wide open or it is going to be a rock and roll in the city and adding a spice of a weekend ride with the club and taking a break from the daily routine or having some action on the trails, giving tarmac a holiday & on the other hand, it should be well equipped with quality & safety standards DOT, ECE, SNELL.
This is going to make your choice easy!
Now you might be thinking how?
Every helmet you see is precisely designed for its specific use.

Trails are the place to test the skills of the rider in extreme conditions; It’s where the fight of the machine Vs the mad dirt starts! But a skilled rider can turn that fight into fun & enjoyment. For such people or dirt riding enthusiasts, Scott Motorsports has developed motocross helmets providing MIPS (Mind impact protection system) and adjustable ventilation system to maximize safety & enjoy riding with confidence.

Motocross Helmets

Helmets (racing helmets) that are designed for race purposes have aerodynamics -to cut through the wind blast at higher speeds, their cushioning & padding are snug fit to hold the head of the rider even in a high-speed crash, the shell is well equipped with carbon fiber, fiberglass, or composite, making them feather-light in the weight & matching them to the safety standards required on the racetrack. To an extent Bell Helmet’s qualifier series, Airoh GP-500, Scorpion Exo 710 are a few of the helmets available in a pocket-friendly price looking at their built quality & safety standards they fit in, they fulfil the requirements.

Racing Helmets

Commuting requires ease of access; it is like getting on & off the helmet frequently so it should not be hesitating! On the other hand, they should have good ventilation with a quick-release, making it easy to take off and as of the options available, THH, Nikko, SMK, NHK is the complete package with safety a DOT certified at a good pocket-friendly price.

A truer kind of a person should prefer softer paddings, better ventilation with a matched weight distribution & aerodynamics designed in a way that it won’t make that person feel tired even if wearing helmets (Motocross Helmets, Racing Helmets) for a longer time, the padding’s fit & vision of the visor should be like a comfort zone synchronized with the sitting position to make that person enjoy every second of the ride & some brands like Bell, Airoh, Scorpion Exo, FLY Racing etc come with a decent price with ECE certification might feel like an absolute package for such people, but things change when riding on the race track! It’s a fight to go faster, to make a difference between a contender & a champion.

With all the above-mentioned specifications, now you know how helmets are designed depending on their specific use, make the right choice & you will not ever regret buying them & helmets should be good & up to the mark rather than just being expensive, just be precise with the size that fits the head. It should fit properly, and, in the end, a good helmet is a good helmet! Decal’s, Graphics & Themes are just to make them attractive, just think.
Will a cheap helmet with little to no safety and a VR46 sticker on it going to protect you in a crash? 🙂

Keep riding, be safe & remember Helmets save lives.

full face helmet

Full-face helmet:

Full face Helmet

full face helmet


SMK Stellar Squad Matt White Blue Red MA153

SMK Helmets

the plan of full face helmet

The full-face Motorbike helmet gives you better security if you are searching for the best and safe product. They are the best option against some other helmet types. Since the whole face is secured, it shields you from any flying rocks or bugs when you are riding your bike. It has a face shield also that shields the rider from the sun. The face shield can go up, and it relies upon how much air the rider needs all over. There are numerous styles and shades that you can pick.


Here are a couple of advantages of a full-face protective cap.

Buying a full-face helmet is best to protect the head and jawline. However, the extra insurance that the full-face helmet provides for your jaw and face zone makes it profoundly popular. . The visors are additionally strong and keep you from wounds.

The full-face helmet is worn in all seasons, and that shields your face from the brutal outer atmosphere. It shields the rider from the sun, downpour, clamour, and wind just as any unfamiliar components.

The visor lets you ride your bicycle, and you needn't bother with an extra defensive glass when you are wearing this helmet. You needn't bother with an additional glass to ensure your eyes on the off chance that you wear a full-face head protector. You likewise needn't bother with sunglasses because the greater part of the visors of the full-face helmet is coloured.

As per insights, the full-face helmet is a lot more secure than some other helmet accessible in the market. It likewise accompanies highlights that make it is the most wanted head protector assortment in the market.

It offers solace to the individuals who don't care for the breeze hitting all over when riding a bicycle. A few people can't concentrate well when the breeze hits them on the eyes. It is additionally gainful for the individuals who wear remedial glasses because the consistent blow of the breeze upsets their ride.

It fits snuggly in the face, and this shields your head from ricocheting. It doesn't tumble off regardless of whether you had a mishap. Likewise, the full-face protective cap is cosy, it isn't exceptionally close to cause you to feel awkward on a ride.

The wind commotion could be diverting for a few and it offers a clamour decrease innovation. Riders vouch on the way that they feel less aggravation when they ride their bicycle wearing a full-face head protector since it protects them from the climate outside.

There is no examination between the open face and the full-face helmet if you talk about security. A full-face helmet gives the rider complete security on the off chance that there was a mishap. It spares the riders jawline just as the eyes since they get protected.

Celebrities like to wear the full-face cap since it doesn't uncover their character.

Disadvantages of full face helmet

The worry here would be that if someone is wearing this helmet and, meets with a mishap, at that point, it tends to be trying to eliminate the cap after an accident. Indeed, even with this disadvantage, the full-face protective cap is as yet a superior choice that open face cap with regards to security.

There is an absence of permeability in this plan of the head protector, particularly when somebody enters the vulnerable side. There is no vulnerable side when you wear an open face cap. So you can purchase a motorbike helmet appropriately.

Many riders whine of claustrophobia and confinement when they wear the full-face head protector. It causes you to feel less free.​

half face helmet

 Half-Face Helmet:

Half face Helmet

half face helmet


SMK Derby Grid White Black GL126

half face helmet

the perfect Half face helmet

Half-face Helmets are the most famous style of helmet for most bike riders and the German-style of half helmets is more popular. It is an incredible trade-off between a full-face and no-helmet. You get all the additional security for your head without the sentiment of limitation.

Half helmet is more secure than none by any stretch of the imagination; it doesn’t offer the kind of assurance given by a full-face helmet.  Half-face helmets just shield riders from genuine bike crashes. Furthermore, riders aren’t shielded from residue, smoke, or some other flying articles as they ride.

Appreciate the opportunity of freedom provided by a half helmet. whereas, full-face helmet gives the rider restrictions. Full-face helmets provide more safety than a half-face helmet. However, it does not restrict the rider.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has explained that there are no limitations on half helmets as long as they have an ISI mark. However, every helmet ought to have an ISI or BIS mark.

The half-face helmet has its own luxury. In short, you can drink a beverage while riding, nothing is very similar to the sentiment of having the breeze hit your face while you ride past all the roads. Half Helmets are the most mainstream style of a protective cap for most cruiser riders and incorporate the well known German style of half cap. A half helmet is an extraordinary trade-off between a full-face and another helmet. You get all the additional assurance for your head without the sentiment of limitation. Coordinating with your number one coat or vest, or get a high permeability head protector to guarantee cagers notice you. Look over a tremendous choice of protective helmets and plans, Motorcycle House comes out on top with their extraordinary unconditional promise. Call us and we’ll assist you with settling on what helmet is the best for your requirements.

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