Zeus ZS-813 AN9 Helmet – Orange Black


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Note: Shipping in 2-3 working days after placing the order.

Note: ZS 813 Ships with a Clear Shield as standard.



Material: ABS

Certificate: ECE, DOT, JIS, NBR

Weight: 1580±50g


ZS-813 is specially designed with a graceful shape in concordance with a visual combination of elegance and innovation. It presents modern back design with aerodynamic aesthetic and speed sensation. ZS-813A is a stylish helmet born for speed.

The concept behind the development is the mixture of simplicity and efficiency – the appearance of the helmet doesn’t change when the vents are open or closed. In addition, the vents are placed at an especial angle to maximize the entrance of air. Due to the ZEUS Cooling System, the flux of air flows efficiently and expels the hot air through its four rear vents.

ZS-813A is designed with improved aerodynamic shell to stand out in the high-speed performance.

The spring-loaded mechanism provides great airtightness that prevents water and wind from getting into the helmet and reduce noises.

ZS-813A lining is equipped with 5 removable and washable pieces. It uses different fabric materials and combinations, providing excellent coverage and comfortableness. The main lining has a greater thickness and included four trenches providing more comfort without losing good air circulation. Chin curtain is made of black velvet material with highly breathable fabric. Included safety standard wind deflector that helps to cool off rider’s facial temperature and induce air flow to the visor for defogging without interfering with rider’s eyesight.

Designed with double visor, ZS-813 provide UV 400 protection.

Its high-end spring-loaded visor mechanism is easy to remove and change.

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