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THH TS-43 GP Black Orange Helmet – Gloss

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Note: Shipping in 2-3 working days after placing the order

Note: Helmet ships with light smoke or silvered visor as per provided by Company. If any specific requirement, do let us know right after placing the order.

Built in goggles and 7 air vents. Perfect combination for touring along with daily use.

THH Helmet Specification :

  1. Full face helmet.
  2. Easy removable & washable interior.
  3. Comes with dual lens (Visor & Goggle) with easy removal
  4. Removable cheek pads with optional sized cheek pads.
  5. 7 air vents- 3 on jaw 1 on top and 3 on back for smooth air flow in intake and exhaust.
  6. Skin friendly fabrics and Quick release buckle.
  7. Chin strap with buckle closure retention system.
  8. Breather Fabrics and UV Resistance Visor.

Sizing Info:

M: 57-58 cm

L: 59-60 cm


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