Shima SX-2 Urban Boots – Brown




Combining urban flair and solid protection, the new SHIMA SX-2 sneakers are designed to satisfy even the most demanding of motorcyclists. Featuring cross-braced soles, hardened toes and heels, and PORON®XRD protectors, the SX-2 delivers superior foot safety without sacrificing freedom of movement. If stability is of paramount importance, however, all you need to do is thread the lace up through the red loop. What’s more, the perforated suede used in the sneakers’ construction ensures maximum breathability and comfort. With the SX-2 you’re always ready to go – both on and off your hog.

CE certified riding boots



Imagine that up to 90% of impact force never reach your body. Sounds good, right? That’s because of high performing foams that rapidly hardens under the impact making kind of “forcefield”. On the other hand on molecule level material is able to re-distribute the impact force in many directions so the impact that gets out is dissipated on much larger area.



The high-quality sole provides a good grip and an excellent comfort during the ride. It also protects the foot against crushing thanks to the crosswise reinforcement.



Thread the shoelace through the red shoelace hole and tie the shoe up to ensure the optimum level of ankle`s stabilisation. Aſter getting off the motorcycle, shoes may be tied up by threading the shoelace through the lower shoelace hole to ensure greater freedom of movement.



The perforated suede was used in the production of the shoes for perfect ventilation. The size of holes was designed to ensure optimal air exchange.

Sizing Information

Euro      USA       UK         CM 41          8            7            26.5 42          9            8            27 43          10          9            27.5 44          11          10          28.5 45          12          11          29 46          13          12          30

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