THH Helmets TS-43 Tron Black Blue Matt


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THH Helmets Tron will be shipping in 2-3 working days after placing the order.

Note: Helmet ships with light smoke or silvered visor as per provided by Company. If any specific requirements, do let us know right after placing the order.

Built-in goggles and 7 air vents. Perfect combination for touring along with daily use.

THH Helmet Specification :

  1. Full face helmet.
  2. Easy removable & washable interior.
  3. Comes with dual-lens (Visor & Goggle) with easy removal
  4. Removable cheek pads with optional sized cheek pads.
  5. 7 air vents- 3 on jaw 1 on top and 3 on back for smooth airflow in intake and exhaust.
  6. Skin-friendly fabrics and Quick release buckle.
  7. Chinstrap with buckle closure retention system.
  8. Breather Fabrics and UV Resistance Visor.

Sizing Info:

M: 57-58 cm

L: 59-60 cm

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