THH Helmets black TS-43 GP Black Orange Gloss


THH Helmets Black:

The THH helmets black India provide Full-face helmets. Which have easy to wash interior and cushioning. Firstly,  the helmet comes with dual-lens (Visor & Goggle) with easy removal. Secondly, THH helmets black full-face helmets have 7 air vents- 3 on the jaw 1 on top, and 3 on the back for smooth airflow in intake and exhaust. Thirdly, and most importantly, They provide removable cheek pads with optional size cheek pads. Moreover, The helmet also has a skin-friendly fabrics and quick release buckle. Likewise, THH helmets Black have breathable fabrics and UV Resistance visor.

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THH Helmets black – THH Helmet TS-43 GP Black Orange Gloss will ship in 2-3 working days after placing the order.

THH Helmet TS-43 GP Black Orange – Gloss ships with light smoke or silvered visor as per provided by Company. If any specific requirements, do let us know right after placing the order.

Built-in goggles and 7 air vents. Perfect combination for touring along with daily use.

THH Helmets black – THH Helmet TS-43 GP Black Orange – Gloss Specification :

  1. Full face helmet.
  2. Easy removable & washable interior.
  3. Comes with dual-lens (Visor & Goggle) with easy removal
  4. Removable cheek pads with optional sized cheek pads.
  5. 7 air vents- 3 on jaw 1 on top and 3 on back for smooth airflow in intake and exhaust.
  6. Skin-friendly fabrics and Quick release buckle.
  7. Chinstrap with buckle closure retention system.
  8. Breather Fabrics and UV Resistance Visor.

Sizing Info:

M: 57-58 cm

L: 59-60 cm

THH Helmets is a Taiwanese company established in 1974. They provide the best helmets at a price tag between 3k to 5k. The helmet is DOT certified and is a sturdy helmet. It provides nice safety and features than most helmets at the same prices. You can buy THH helmets online through our website and you also get a warranty and certifications.

The THH helmets price is affordable. THH Full-face helmets are best in class helmets providing better safety and features. It provides clarity as well as tinted visors or goggles. The helmet reviews will leave a good impression to buy one without hesitation. The open face helmets are half-open with nice color variants. THH half-face helmets will provide a nice feel to your face.

The off-road or likewise usually known as a motocross helmet is given an extended jawline and visor divides. Some open space on the face to give the rider additional security while wearing goggles permitting an unhindered progression of air during the actual fatigue brought about by such riding.

Ventilation is a very important aspect while choosing any helmet. Unless the rider doesn’t want to get soaked in sweat or get cooked inside the helmet in summer. The company is paying attention to the air ventilation system in the helmet. The liners/cushioning inside the helmet is the thing that really characterizes how well the helmet fits the rider’s head.

It has a sticker for reflection. So, the rider will be noticed on dark roads. Commotion or noise is one of the main viewpoints that initiate weakness in a rider. It provides a decent noise suppression. The company provides medium (57-58) size and L (59-60) size.

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