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SCOTT Moto 550 CAMO ECE Helmet Black Fluo MIPS


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Product Information :

The SCOTT 550 Camo Helmet is a high end helmet that pushes the limits of ventilation and safety. Equipped with the latest safety technologies such as MIPS® and Conehead and the perfect cooling management with strategically placed vents you will feel good and safe throughout your entire ride.

Key Features

  • MIPS technology
  • Conehead Technology
  • Perfect ventilation system
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • In-mold technology

·   Construction

In-Mold Technology

·   Product Features

Optimized & customizable ventilation

3D shaped cheek pad

Removable and washable liner & cheek pads


Conehead Technology

CONEHEAD™ is a revolutionary method of molding EPS foam to increase the impact properties of helmets. The helmet is molded in two stages and features two parts in two different densities, with a unique conical interface.


There are two different densities of foam as well as two different foams with their own characteristics of recovery from impact and inter-foam bond strength. In a crash, the impact force pushing towards the head causes the cones to compress which creates lateral forces spreading sideways through the higher density outer foam layer. Impact energy/force is absorbed by this lateral motion. At the same time, the head is travelling in the opposite direction, compressing the base of the lower density cones and slowing the accelerating head. The result is lower G-force experience for your head.

The benefit: a lighter helmet + softer protective shock absorbing foam closer to your head.


If you are seeking the best protection that money can buy then look no further. Scott helmets with integrated MIPS® brain protection system offer a whole new dimension in safety. No matter where or how you ride, choose a SCOTT helmet and Elevate Your Safety !



The Brain is suspended in a low friction cerebrospinal fluid which allows your brain to slide within your skull to protect the brain under impact. MIPS® Brain Protection System is a unique technology intended to protect your brain against angled impacts by imitating the brains natural low friction, barrier, thereby reducing the shock transmitted to your brain. Under angled impact the helmet slides on the MIPS® low friction layer minimizing the rotational violence transfered to the brain.



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