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Short Description:

Protection Features:








Ergonomic Features:

Micro-velcro closings


Ventilation between fingers



Sporty-touristic STR gloves use hard carbon fibre-reinforced ankle protectors, flexible leather panels with foam pads on the fingers and Poron®XRD™ wrist area absorbers. Additional reinforcement layer on the side and inside of the hand. V-lock™ Close for improved safety and comfort. The gloves are equipped with touchscreen panels.


Comfort and protection

If you appreciate safety while riding these gloves are for you! The STR model is equipped with a rigid, ergonomic carbon fibre reinforced knuckle protector for extra safety. Wearing STR gloves you will feel safer without sacrificing comfort!


Protective priority

Hand protection is a priority! Nevertheless we have tried to ensure that the highest quality goes hand in hand with convenience during everyday use. The fingers are fitted with rigid, foam padded protectors which provide additional protection in the event of sliding and impact.


V-LOCK™ type fastener

The V-lock™ type wrist clasp is an egronomic adjustment of the wrist strap at an angle of approx. 30 degrees to the palm of the hand with the upper clasp always located on the top side of the glove. This makes the buckle much more comfortable to use so less tension is needed to keep the glove securely on the hands and not to move while riding.


Reinforced side palm

To further enhance the safety of your hands when riding we’ve reinforced the side of the glove with an extra layer of fabric. This will provide additional protection against abrasion.


Micro-velcro closings

Gloves are equipped with a modern micro-velcro type fastenings which is not only more comfortable during use but also perfectly prevents the glove from tearing out.  The hook components are don’t damage other farbrics around the fastnenig. You may forget to wear and destroy your clothing when you put on gloves. All of this so that he can enjoy it as much as possible.


Ventilation between fingers

High temperatures are a challenge for motorcycle clothing. Therefore, in the STR model, perforated leather panels have been placed in the areas between fingers, which will provide sufficient ventilation while riding, so that the hand does not slip in them and cause discomfort. This will allow you to enjoy the joy of every moment devoted to your passion.


Strengthening from inside

Inside the palm there are reinforced panels that protect against abrasion or impact. The glove does not slip off the handle and gives extra grip in all conditions.


Poron™XRD panels

The STR model is equipped with Poron XRD protective panels, In the event of an impact, high-efficiency XRD particles will create a unique protective shield that can damp up to 90 % of its force. That’s what you need at a time of risk!

Sizing Information

Size Circumference of your palm not including your thumb
S 17-19cm
M 19-20cm
L 20-22cm
XL 22-24cm
XXL 24-26cm

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