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BBG Gloves Neon Racer Hand Gloves for bike



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BBG Gloves Neon Racer Hand Gloves for bike Product Description

RACER GLOVES is Constructed from Premium grade Leather which is highly abrasion-resistant and features a Carbon knuckle protection. These Race Spec Gloves offer high levels of protection, movement, and comfort. With a pre-shaped finger construction and a double Velcro cuff closure, this glove provides a high level of protection so that you can race or ride at higher speeds too..

  • Upgraded Version to latest International Quality standards
  • Premium grade leather construction is durable and offers excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Carbolic protector on palm.
  • Carbon knuckle protectors
  • Carbon protection on fingers
  • Ergonomically positioned Silicone reinforcement on Palms for extra protection & gripping.
    Inner playboy lining
  • Double Velcro cuff closure with shock-absorbing Carbon padding in the wrist area.
  • Extra grippy protection on palm and little finger
  • Pre-shaped, anatomical finger design and internal seams for comfort and exceptional feel.
  • Rubberized protection on Wrist Impact zone for complete safety offering Race Specs

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