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Axor Apex Speed of Thought xBhp Helmet India

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Axor Apex Speed of Thought xBhp Helmets has always been about advocating safe riding. So it was inevitable that xBhp would design its helmet. And that happened last year in 2019 along with Axor Helmets on the occasion of 16 years of xBhp! And this year xBhp is out with the second xBhp | Axor Helmet, and we call it the Speed of Thought. We all love to speed on motorcycles.

However, there is nothing faster and more powerful than our minds. And therefore we must obey the rules of the road. And that is the foundation of the design of our second helmet. The 299 shows the ‘magic number’ or the ‘hand of God’ which had been decided by the manufacturers to be the limiting speed of modern superbikes. And below that, it reminds you, that nothing is faster than your imagination. So why put your brain and body at risk by over speeding on roads? The top of the helmet has a biker wearing the first edition of the xBhp helmet.

The back retains xBhp’s iconic philosophy of I, the Biker. The rest of the elements show the most important part of the motorcycle, the heart, its engine, and exhaust pipes blurting out flames, which are the equivalent of the incredible creativity the human mind is capable of outputting. The better part of the helmet shell is covered with the human brain which it protects and the lightning bolts behind accentuate the neurons inside our brain.
The helmet is designed along with The MotoGrapher and Toxic Skins. And assembled at the high-quality assembly of Axor helmets.

1. The helmet is available in a gloss finish only.

2. xBhp Speed oof Thought helmet is now ISI certified.



  • Upper air intake vent is positioned to maximize air volume into the helmet interior
  • Back outlet vent is integrated with pc spoiler, allowing it to be positioned for optimum flow-through ventilation
  • Breath guard and chin curtain included


  • Optically correct visor
  • Quick and toolless visor change mechanism
  • Internal sun visor included
  • The visor is equipped with pins for the compatibility of pin lock film

SAFETY for Axor Apex Speed of Thought xBhp Helmet

To safeguard the biker, the dual EPS liner of a helmet is designed to fit the head perfectly to absorb the energies of an impact and avoid penetration. Axor Apex Speed of Thought xBhp Helmet India is the chinstrap secures the helmet and the head to prevent them from rolling.

  • Double D-ring for a secure fit
  • ABS material is used for High-Protection.
  • Weighs 1600±50 gms

STANDARDS of Axor Apex Speed of Thought xBhp Helmet

  • Homologation – ECE R-22.05(Europe) DOT FMVSS NO. 218(US) Helmet Safety Standards
  • ISI certified
  • Testing includes energy attenuation
  • Penetration resistance
  • Chin strap structural integrity
  • Surface projection
  • Rigidity test
  • Tensile test
  • Chin Strap Micro slip test
  • All above tested under 4 different conditions(Hot, Cold, Submerging, and Ambient)

SPOILER Features

  • Integrated Spoiler for Streamlined Presentation & Stability at High Speed.
  • Tough Polycarbonate Material
  • Comes in two variants – clear and smoke.



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