Ajjas Motorbike Anti-Theft & Accident Alert Device [Two Wheeler / Four Wheeler]


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  • Ajjas is an electronic device, installed on your vehicle, coupled with a mobile application, it intelligently works to communicate accident and theft alerts and much more.
  • Ajjas is a GPS tracking, Accident alert & Theft protection device that helps safeguard your vehicle against theft & informs your loved ones in case of an accident.
  • Ajjas can be easily installed in any two wheeler/four wheeler without cutting any wires. Ajjas device starts calling your friends/ family in case of an accident. This helps in them knowing that accident has happened.
  • You can also share your live location with the fellow riders through the App. It gives instant call alert & App notification when the engine is switched ON/OFF.
  • It also sends motion alert in case of any movement is detected in vehicle when engine is off.
  • Ajjas comes with highly accurate GPS which once installed, will show your vehicles live location along with your ride details, daily Kms travelled & fuel consumption details in your Ajjas App.
  • It comes with an inbuilt SIM, with 1 year free subscription. The subscription charges after completion on 1 year is Rs. 1200/- per year.
  • Ajjas is water proof, dust proof and comes with 1 year replaceable warranty if the device is not tampered or opened.


  • Motorbike Accident Alert: Motorbike Accident Alert by Ajjas GPS Tracker avoids all the accidental dilemmas. The Accident alert has 2 features i.e. In-Motion Fall Alert & Stationary Fall Alert. In-Motion Fall Alert is a feature which detects a motorbike fall while it’s in motion through its GPS sensors and it communicates the fall location, time and date to 3 emergency contact numbers stored in the App. While in Stationary Fall Alert the user receives SMS, Call and In-App-Notification when the motorbike experiences a fall when it is parked.
  • Motorbike Fall Alert: The Motorbike Fall Alert has 2 features i.e. In-Motion Fall Alert & Stationary Fall Alert. In both the cases Motorbike Alert feature of Ajjas app initiates calls to the programmed 3 emergency contacts and to your connected number respectively.
  • Motorbike Theft Alert: Motorbike Theft Alert feature instantly alerts you when your motorbike gets stolen with the help of Ajjas sensors installed on the motorbike. This Motorbike Theft Alert feature not only intimates about the theft part but also where it is being taken. It also sends you instant alerts on when the ignition is On or Off. Feature like this makes the rider aware of his motorbike being illegally started and can then take precautionary action.
  • Motorbike Tamper Alert: Motorbike Tamper Alert feature of Ajjas GPS Tracker notifies when the motorbike has been tampered, moved or moved or pushed without starting the ignition. GPS Tracker sensors installed on the motorbike sends notification via app to the user.
  • Motorbike Mileage Tracker: Monitor your Motorbike Fuel Consumption through the Ajjas App along with the total amount spent on the fuel. The app also tracks your motorbike mileage. All-in-all the Motorbike Fuel Log feature provides you fuel expenses and mileage details all at your fingertips.
  • Share Live Motorbike Location: Share live motorbike location through Ajjas App on the go to your loved ones and friends. Motorbike Live Ride Sharing feature lets your close ones know your location whether your riding or you’re in the parking zone. This feature reduces the effort of communication over call or messages and takes care of safety and security both.

Legal Disclaimer:

Ajjas safety device comes along with a SIM. Features work only when there is 2G mobile network present in the area where the vehicle is operational. We are currently providing idea/Vodafone/AirTel SIMS. They are pre-inserted inside the device. HPS Lab Designs, who own the brand Ajjas, isn’t responsible for the loss of data or correctness of all the information in case of network loss or because of other unforeseen conditions.


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